Mama Bear Rustic Wood Sign

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Mama Bear Rustic Wood Sign


This handmade Mama Bear sign is a tribute, honouring all mothers who lead their children fearlessly and selflessly through the seemingly impossible journey of adulthood and beyond.

These pine wood signs are burned to add texture and highlight the woods natural beauty. Each letter and cub is engraved adding even more beauty and depth.

The sign is then fitted with a three stranded hemp rope tied in a bowline; the worlds strongest knot, symbolizing the boundless strength a mother gracefully wields and will use to both teach and protect her own.

Signs vary and can contain small imperfections such as knots. These minor imperfections add to their uniqueness and beauty. Great care is taken when selecting the perfect piece of lumber.

  • Solid Wood
  • Clear Coated Easy to Wipe
  • Tells a Story



    Length: 20" (51 cm)
    Width: 7½ “ (15.2 cm)

    Thickness of shelf: 1½” (3.8 cm)


    Handmade by Cariboo HandCrafted