Darcy Franko-Felice

Creating out of Cambridge, Ontario, Darcy is the sole owner and craftswoman of Dees Cozy Creations. Taught by her grandmother Lillian, Darcy has been crocheting since she was a child - spending many cherished Sunday afternoons getting to know her grandmother and learning a wonderful craft that quickly grew into a lifetime passion. 

With the advent of the Internet hosting many handmade crafts e-shops to sell creations through, Darcy eventually gave in to the persistent urging of family and friends and signed up to the popular handmade crafts site called Etsy. That was the beginning of Dees Cozy Creations. The shop quickly grew and Darcy found herself shipping orders all around the world and designing custom orders as well. 

While still crocheting a variety of items for the shop, Dees Cozy Creations has become uniquely known for cup cozy creations, including cozy designs of dogs, cats, sharks, owls and many other adorable animals and things of nature.