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Sparkling White Sandstone Drink Coaster Set


Sparkling white sandstone cement concrete drink coasters set of (4 or 2)

These are our signature sparkling white sandstone coasters; they glimmer and shine as light bounces off of them at different angels. These coasters are our flagship one of a kind product that you will find nowhere else. They are highly durable and stain resistant and they will stand the test of time and be at the center of many good moments and memories with family and friends.

4" or 10cm
½” or 13mm

Measurements are approximate due to hand pouring molds and can vary slightly.

-Our Sandstone is finished with an anti-microbial cork bottom which is then sealed to prevent bacteria growth.

-The top coat we use creates a durable stain resistant surface that accentuates the natural beauty of our Sandstone

Detailed care instructions Here

More Info on how we make our Sandstone